There are a couple different types of automotive paints. These include lacquer, enamel, and urethane paint. Each serves a different purpose and can be used for a variety of projects whether than be for hobbyists or automotive shops. 


Lacquer automotive paint is a solvent based paint that is fairly easy to apply. It dries rapidly and gives a finish that is durable as well as a glossy look. It is approximated that the dry time for lacquer paint is around 10 minutes for a base coat and about an hour for a recoat. Using lacquer, you can refinish and restore your automobile


Enamel automotive paint is a great paint option for the car’s frame and undercarriage. This option is on the cheaper end in comparison to other automotive paint options. However this paint option is more durable than store brand enamel paint. There are new lines of this paint that are specifically targeted for hobbyist. This type of automotive paint is ready to be used right out of the aerosol can. 


Urethane automotive paint you’ll find is the longest lasting paint out there. It is mostly a glossy finish type of paint, but there are semi-gloss options available to customers. This type of automotive paint is minimally affected by UV rays making it a great option for you since your automobile spends lots of time in the sun. It is extremely durable as well. It is easy to use and fast drying. 

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