As a car hobbyist, you may be interested in using spray paint to switch up the look of your automobile and showcase your creative abilities on your car. Spray painting is one option to take advantage of. Before attempting to spray paint your car, it is important to practice your technique on a smaller scale. It is also advised that you start with a spray paint can and work your way towards a spray gun. Start small and work your way up to car size. Using spray paint is a cost efficient way to change the look of your car. Effective if done correctly, however, spray painting your car is not for rookies though. If not done correctly, you will find yourself in an automotive disaster. 

Before starting your project, clean the area you intend to paint. This will help with separation and fisheye issues that could arise. Next, be sure to sand the area that is your working area. Now that you have prepared the area of focus, start with a light coat of paint. It is recommended that you hold the spray paint bottle at least 6 inches away from the car. When applying this first coat of paint, it shouldn’t be a whole layer of paint. It will only lightly cover the surface of the automobile. After waiting about 5-10 minutes for the paint to dry, go over this with your first coat of paint. Each time you apply paint, be sure to spray lightly and overlap the previous coat by 50%. Work from left to right and then move from right to left. Repeat these steps 2-3 times until the finished product is smooth and glossy. Wait 15-20 minutes between coats after the initial coat. 

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