It is inevitable that at some point your car will experience rust. Whether that be a small amount or a large, rust will be present. Rust is a relatively easy fix for someone to do themselves and relatively cheap. If you are experiencing rust on your automobile, consider these steps to help you solve your rust problem.

First, you will need some supplies for assisting in repairing the rust on your automobile. These supplies include sandpaper, masking tape, primer, a polishing compound, touch up paint and a clear coat.

Pick out your automotive paint color. Make sure to buy equal amounts of a clear coat and color coat. At First Auto Color Inc. we have a large selection of both paint and clear coats to choose from. You’ll also want to get sandpaper and a primer as well. Once you have all your supplies, mask off the area you are wanting to repair. Use a scraper and then switch to sandpaper to remove the rust from your car. Once the rust is removed, use a rag to remove any remaining particles of rust, dust, or lint. Now, you will add primer to the affected area. It is recommended that you apply a couple coats of the primer. Once the primer is added, use the sandpaper to finely sand down the area. The final steps include adding the color based coat followed by the clear coat. It is advised that you wait 48 hours before driving your car. 

Automotive rust is inevitable. However, First Auto Color Inc. has you covered. We are here for all your rust needs. 

Visit First Auto Color Inc. in Bradley for all your rust repair needs. We offer a variety of automotive paint colors and types. The products we have are professional grade and can meet your needs at a reasonable price! Want to know what we have in stock? Give us a call at (815)-928-8250. We look forward to meeting your automotive needs.