Your automobile endures much throughout its lifetime. It’s no surprise that you may need to do some touch up painting on your car so that it stays looking in its best condition. Paint defects play a large role in automotive paint defects. However, there is an easy solution to fix that problem. It is a simple fix that can be done by professionals, but is relatively easy to correct yourself. First Auto Color is an automotive paint and body shop that can help you with your paint defect needs. Stop in to our shop to pick up your automotive paint before tackling the paint defects on your automobile. How do these paint defects come about though, besides the everyday wear and tear? There are many reasons why you may have paint defects. Let’s look at a couple.

To begin, it is important to note that there are two types of paint defects. The first is topical defects or paint defects on the surface of your automobile and the second is below surface paint defects.

Some common paint defects include:

  • Bird bombs

I think we all can agree that we’ve experienced bird droppings on our car. These are common above surface defects. If removed quickly, these will not pose a threat to your vehicle. However, if you let them sit for long, a more serious defect can occur. This is called bird etching and is below the surface. 

  • Road Tar

When liquified tar gets onto the surface of your car, it is a topical or surface paint defect. Tar is a build up of hydrocarbons and rubber particles that have come from tire treads. Tar defects often occur when the seasons change to the warmer months, which heats up the tar making it less solid and more sticky. Generally, tar is not extremely harmful, however if left untreated, it could cause other issues below the surface

  • Swirl marks

This is a below the surface defect. It affects the paint's true color, gloss, and reflectivity. This is most commonly caused by the way in which the car is washed. This includes the direction of the vehicle washing technique, improper washing technique and the harshness of the wash media used. 

  • Marring

This type of defect is also a below the surface defect. This is an abrasion of paint. This occurs when an object is dragged across the surface of the car. When detailers are too aggressive in their work with finicky paint systems, marring can come about on your car. Luckily, First Auto Color has professional grade paints that can prevent marring from happening to your automobile. To correct this defect, consider using a light finish polish paint as a correction step. 

Is your automobile experiencing any of these defects?

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