Is your automobile in need of a fresh coat of paint? If it is, you probably will want to do some research before adding color to your car. One of the most important and perhaps overlooked steps in painting your car is to use an automotive primer before starting your paint job. This is the most important step of the paint process.This goes for paint jobs that are just touch ups as well. Essentially auto primer allows for the paint to adhere to the surface.

Let's take a deep dive into the world of auto paint primers.

What is Auto Primer?

Auto primer is a paint-like substance that is applied over the area that is getting painted after it has been sanded down. This is usually applied before the last step of adding the topcoat of paint. It is important that the primer dries completely before going on to the next step in the process. While this may seem unnecessary, primer can help shield your car from the elements outside as well. Auto primer also allows for the paint to bond to the surface of your car thus there will be less paint flaking, and even prevents rust as well as moisture damage from forming on your automobile.

Which Auto Primer is Right for Me?

To determine what type of auto primer is best for you, the answer will mostly be based on the project you have decided to take on. There are many different primers to choose from based on your ideal outcome.

Lacquer Primer

Lacquer auto primer best serves those who are painting over corrosion. It dries quickly and this primer sands well. However, the downfall of this type of primer is that it can lead to bubbles and cracking long-term.

Epoxy Primer

This is the most standard auto primer and most commonly used. Epoxy primer ensures that the paint will bond to your automobile leaving a nice finish. It helps with corrosion prevention.

Urethane Primer

This type of auto primer serves as a strong adhesive layer that the paint can bond to. It is mostly used for automotives that are already in decent condition and just need to seal the paint job. There are also moisture care urethane primers that help with preventing rust on your automotive.

Polyester Primer

Of all the primers, polyester primers are the most elite of them all. It has the highest filling capacity of all the primers and works extremely well for filling in small cracks and scratches. Not only does it have a high filling capacity, it also allows paint to adhere well. This primer is more brittle than most though, causing more cracks to occur in the paint. It is recommended for small paint jobs rather than a whole automobile.

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