On your mark, get set, go!

It’s full steam ahead to get your automotive vehicles prepared for the summertime. Since we have just passed the first day of spring, it is best practice to keep in mind proactive ways to ensure that your car is functioning properly for the warmer weather. Summer also means more family road trips. Preparing your car ensures safety for you and your family. Here are a couple tips on how to prepare your automobile for the summer.

  • To begin, be sure to check the status of your tires. Simply begin by doing a visual inspection of your tires to see if there are any gauges, bulges, or cuts. To check the tread wear on your tires, insert a quarter into the grooves of your tires upside down. If you are able to see Georege Washington’s head, your tire’s tread is beginning to bald. If this is the case, consider investing in new tires as soon as possible. As you prepare for summer, be sure to check your automobile’s tire pressure. The ideal pressure can be found in your owner’s manual. The cold weather usually can cause your tires to deflate. Airing up your car’s tires ensures safety for miles. 
  • Every year, it is wise to invest in new windshield wipers. If you haven’t already replaced your windshield wipers yet this year, now is the time to do so. Rubber on the wipers deteriorate over time leaving your car with subpar efficiency. Summer thunderstorms can come out of nowhere and it is best to be prepared with well working windshield wipers. On top of that, top off any windshield wiper fluid that may be low. 
  • Having your A/C checked by a professional will also prepare your automobile for the warm months. A well working A/C keeps you cool for all your trips. 


Protect your car’s paint from the heat this summer.

To do so, consider adding a coat of wax to your car’s paint. Adding a coat of wax will protect your car’s factory finish paint job. Take another step of protecting your car’s paint by choosing to park in shaded areas as much as possible. If your home does have a garage be sure to park it in there to keep your automobile out of the sun’s rays as much as possible. 


At First Auto Color we offer a wide selection of quality products including paints and primers that fit your automotive needs. Whether you are an automotive hobbyist or just looking to get your car ready for summer, we have something for you. Our experienced staff members are eager to help you prepare for warmer weather today! Stop by our store at 289 South Schuyler Avenue Bradley, IL today or give us a call at 815.928.8250. We look forward to helping you with all your automobile needs.